About MoYe

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We do spatial interventions. We believe that people, objects, and places form relationships by communicating and interacting with each other. We see these interactions as facilitators of meaningful social environments. We co-design possibilities that provoke those interactions by intervening social concerns through research, design and spatial planning.

Our Team

Mariana Yepes is a Colombian visual designer. In my years as a designer, I have worked in multiple creative fields conceptualizing and creating visuals for a wide variety of projects; understanding that every project has different goals and needs while improving my adaptability skills. As a practitioner, I try to create strong communication links with my team and focus in make efficient and responsible solutions. 

Josselyn Moreira is an Ecuadorian architect currently studying a Master of Arts in Architecture at Hochschule Anhalt Dessau. She is developing for her thesis project a proposal for the relocation of a major Art Institution in the city of Berlin, which includes a strong research phase on the future of art spaces and museums. Josselyn has had a vegetarian diet for the last six years and she is deeply interested in conscious and responsible nutrition. 

David Davalos is a curious person. He is an architect from Ecuador where he had experience as a practitioner, researcher and professor of architecture and urban concerns. His latest research had led him towards material semiotics, critical discourse and Actor Networks of things. Currently, he is resident of Bauhaus Dessau Lab 2020, and lecturer of Research Methods in Architecture at Hochschule Anhalt while finding space for personal readings and hobbies.

Miguel Castano is a Colombian designer and researcher. As a designer, he works at the intersection of co-design, usability and sustainability with a focus on delivering user centered products and services. As a researcher, his work questions the future issues that challenge designers and how to approach them through higher education.