actor network theory


A research scenario was designed to explore the possibilities of Actor Network Theories (ANT) as framework in architectural design process by designing, conducting and reflecting a workshop. The collected data opened up interesting questions.


The workshop served to observe firsthand the encounter architects-ANT framework. The design of it, that included not only a thoughtful exercise but the entire set up of time, framing and materials proved to be not only useful but challenging specially for the COVID 19 sanitary regulations. The introduction ANT concepts into architectural design practice as framework allowed the participant to consider human/non-human entanglements in time into their proposals without restricting them. Each team was to define their own methods and practices.

"The workshop showed the importance of non-human actors in the process of architectural design as material were selected according its possibilities."

"The results revealed the possibilities of composing an architectural narration instead of an architectural concept."

The workshop was a spot for reflection. As materials were selected according to what them allow or not, these also played a key role to establish communications and representations practices. Each of the teams elaborate their method and projects not only influenced by their previous knowledge but for their interaction with partners, ANT framework, given task, tools and material selected. The elaborated proposals, far from finished works, promote dynamics relationships and changes. Those proposals within the workshop allowed me to grasp the possibility of composing an architectural narration instead of an architectural concept.

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