Architectural Design

Is Quito-Ecuador a sustainable city? A critical reflection on the city expansion and exponential growing.


“Mi Barrio Sostenible” competition (2018) was set to redevelop neighborhood in a collaborative way. The 3 months’ process included several design and research methods as collaborative workshops and platforms, on site visits, historical documentation and multilayered mapping. The result proposal is not only an urban project but rather an interconnected network of multiscale interventions.


“La Roldos” urban plan and design proposal is structured by key components. To reconnect mobility with several types of public transportation. To restructure streets and make them pedestrian friendly. To regenerate and introduce green corridors while recovering river fronts. To interconnect publics public spaces and urban equipment. Finally, to reclaim leftover spaces for public use with flexible usages while taking into consideration existing social fabric.


The final product included an extensive research presented as a report. Diagnostic, evaluation, problem finding, and stage based proposal. Urban mapping, high quality urban graphics, diagrams and visualizations. Panels of the proposal were also designed and presented both to the competition and the neighbors.