Architectural Design & Branding

An integral project, The Exchange Café located in an important spot in London, is an important example of architecture, interior design, furniture, graphic and branding. The commission seeks not only physical construction but a spatial and narrative concept that integrates the clients’ intentions of generating a café-space of exchange with the community. Conscious food, urban farming, nature and community where fundamental requirements. The intervention started with a conscious understanding of the space and its possibilities. the most important feature was the integration of interior and exterior spaces to provide a new space of gathering. By opening the front façade and renovating the kitchen and reception space, the café expands its influence into the garden. This garden is also a most fundamental feature as urban farming is desired as holistic experience of reflective food. A flexible glass box and roof provides exterior experience while protecting costumers form the unpredictable London weather. Exterior furniture merges with gardening to provide an immersive space in which the already mentioned urban gardening become a main actor. The intervention, as radical as it seems, is carefully planned to be as less invasive as possible as the building have listing conditions. The branding was done in a minimalistic fashion taking into account the main elements of the concept: coffee and nature. This achieved a clear and simple yet powerful message. It was then applied to merchandising items proposed to be sold and distributed along side the main service